The Asian Gold Digger | 3 rules to meet your Sugar Daddy
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3 rules to meet your Sugar Daddy

3 rules to meet your Sugar Daddy

“Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence.”
-H. L. Mencken-

So I about this blog title “The Asian Gold Digger”.
Just like Nicholas Cage-Alice Kim and Rupert Murdoch…. There are lots and it’s impossible to count.
Yes, those Normal looking young Asian Girls dating Rich-Famous “old” white guys.



People tend to think these women only go for money and there is no love blah blah blah but I have never seen a girl who doesn’t care about the guy’s spec. It’s a very natural thing for female human beings because we always look for something stable and secure. It hasn’t changed since even we were chimps.
We all should be happy for someone being happy, not envy/ getting jealous with.

I know lots of girls are saying…

I don’t know where to meet guys.
The world is over, good ones have already extinct.
I am not that pretty so nobody will be interested in me….

Okay, as long as you keep saying negative things, you will end up meeting only shitty guys. Sorry, I meant you wont find anyone. Seriously.
Doesn’t matter how you look and what you do, there are always many chances to meet rich man.

These AGDerellas, are not outstanding pretty, Not always from a wealthy background, raised as a princess either.
Then HOW? How did they meet a great man for their lives?

I’ve seen many AGD’s and found out things these ladies have in common.

1: Always Happy, Positive thinking
Okay, this is very important for everyone. No one wants to be with someone who is always grumpy. Everyone wants to be surrounded by people with smiles on their faces all the time. SDs are generally busy attending lots of parties and his friends are pretty much all “Mr. Big”. You gotta make have pleasant, charming personality and make sure everyone loves you.

2: Ambitious, Make most of opportunities you have
Nothing is more important than having clear vision with your life. These ladies know what to choose at the right time. They are the expert of placing their life mile stones. They chose to study, work, get into a relationship for themselves, not for others or just to please their parents. They know what makes them happy. You should be the one controlling your own life chessboard. Don’t let others to decide your next step for your life.

3: She is a true good girlfriend
Your SD makes sxxxxt lots of money. Doesn’t matter how much you make, there is a small chance for him asking some financial help from you.
That’s why you’re required to support him, advise him so he can be more and more successful. Yes, be a “Lucky Pussy” for him. (It is a Japanese term, when you call a lady who always helps their man succeed in his career.)
A success is based on a healthy life. It is impossible to make money or be popular when you are not well. So what you need is to look after your man, care about his mental health, make sure everyday comes with a great start to keep his high motivation.
Your SD is always attending parties and eating out. Sometimes some healthy home-made dish is what he really needs.
No doubt that all the AGDerella I know are quite health conscious and good at cooking.

All the rich men I have met are good at people and have insanely high EQ. They have to manage people and thus, they are always surrounded by enormous numbers of people. In other words, you cannot stop those hunters around him, from model-looking ones to ugly-nasty ones.
For Sugar Daddy rich level guys, dating a beautiful woman is not a hard thing. Easier than asking Paris Hilton to sleep with you.
So there is no point be his No.1 girl, being his ONLY ONE is what you have to focus.

Ciao xxx

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